Monday, December 6, 2010


So, the terms almost over FINALLY! Got rejected twice (almost a third) by guys, finally kissed someone new, but that didn't last too long. It sucks too because even though the guy wasn't my perfect, he was a good guy. Can I say I tried my hardest this term? In men, yes (lololol), in class, not really, but it was the first term of me living by myself, which is quite the step.

So guess what I ended up learning this year? I'm actually a messy person xD I mean, I can clean if I wanted to, but I have so much to do that I don't really have the time. Ok, that's a little lie, but LATELY I've been super busy. Especially today, jesus christ what a day. I haven't done much, other than work all day and go to Office Depot TWICE. Second time was totally worth it. I finally saw the cute worker that I've only seen once and that was in September. Got to tell him my name and hear the same thing he said last time xD It was fun. I'm still not done with what I have to do ): I'm just tired. I'm not gonna get much sleep tonight, I know this.

I'm also tired of hearing about my appearance. It's affected me so much that, even though I don't call anyone ugly or try not to, I don't always consider myself as pretty. I try to be, I try so hard. I've been dressing like a "hipster" just to look attractive and approachable. Even though it seems like I've got a ton of confidence by asking guys out, I really don't. When I come back home from flirting with a guy, I repeat the things I said to them and the way I said it in the mirror and think "Gross." I've been called ugly for most of my life and I know how much it hurts, hence why I don't use that word. It also hurts when friends tell me I'm pretty because I just feel pathetic that I have to be reminded that I'm not the worst looking thing on the planet. It's such a horrible and awkward discussion anyways because no matter how many times you tell your friend that they're gorgeous, they won't believe it. I mean I do have my days where I'm like "DAYUM, WHO DAT GURL" but from what society considers as beautiful, my physical features aren't really up there. My last guy was really nice though because I didn't feel ugly at all around him. He'd pause in between kisses just to look at me.

Wanna know something fun for me? I love reading my writing, even though my writing sucks. I have great ideas, I know it cause I think way too much. I don't feel smart though, not book/facts smart, which is fine for the most part. I like that I'm creative without trying so hard. And now the day is technically over. I have to finish my stuff, BAI

Sunday, November 21, 2010

J vs. J

[5:25:13 PM] Sam: Things in common with
[5:25:16 PM] Sam: Sir jefferson
[5:25:22 PM] Sam: So
[5:25:23 PM] Sam: one thing in common
[5:25:25 PM] Sam: face
[5:25:26 PM] Sam: fugly
[5:25:40 PM] Sam: ok
[5:25:42 PM] Sam: second thing in common
[5:25:48 PM] Sam: ...
[5:25:50 PM] Sam: both work
[5:25:51 PM] Sam: at
[5:25:52 PM] Sam: a
[5:25:55 PM] Sam: grocery?
[5:26:14 PM] Sam: jefferson works at crappy miminum wage job
[5:26:19 PM | Removed 5:26:43 PM] Sam: This message has been removed.
[5:26:25 PM | Removed 5:26:39 PM] Sam: This message has been removed.
[5:26:28 PM | Removed 5:26:38 PM] Sam: This message has been removed.
[5:26:33 PM] Sam: sorry
[5:26:49 PM] Sam: both kinda dorky
[5:26:51 PM] Sam: jefferson
[5:26:54 PM] Sam: possible rapist
[5:27:03 PM] Sam: jake looks like a mouse
[5:27:05 PM] Sam: (cute?)
[5:27:11 PM] Sam: cute
[5:27:19 PM] Sam: jefferson looks like a parrot
[5:27:23 PM] Sam: (potential slur?)
[5:27:32 PM] Sam: offensive
[5:27:42 PM] Sam: ok
[5:27:44 PM] Sam: so
[5:27:59 PM] Sam: both have penis
[5:28:06 PM] Sam: (whitney may want?)
[5:28:09 PM] Sam: both could be part of
[5:28:11 PM] Sam: a zoo
[5:28:16 PM] Sam: not as workers
[5:28:36 PM] Sam: things not in common
[5:28:37 PM] Sam: ok
[5:28:40 PM] Sam: so
[5:28:43 PM] Sam: umm
[5:28:44 PM] Sam: jake
[5:28:46 PM] Sam: oh WAIT
[5:28:48 PM] Sam: jk
[5:28:51 PM] Sam: thing in common
[5:28:54 PM] Sam: ok
[5:28:55 PM] Sam: both have
[5:28:59 PM] Sam: both of their names
[5:29:01 PM] Sam: start with a letter
[5:29:09 PM] Sam: jay
[5:29:16 PM] Sam: ok
[5:29:20 PM] Sam: things anti in common
[5:29:28 PM] Sam: Jake works
[5:29:30 PM] Sam: in a higher position
[5:29:36 PM] Sam: (maybe he liikes to be on top)
[5:29:39 PM] Sam: jefferson
[5:29:41 PM] Sam: is really
[5:29:43 PM] Sam: really
[5:29:46 PM] Sam: represents
[5:29:48 PM] Sam: a bad worker
[5:29:51 PM] Sam: unmotivated
[5:29:56 PM] Sam: (could extend to bed)
[5:29:59 PM] Sam: slacker
[5:30:04 PM] Sam: makes whitney do all the work
[5:30:07 PM] Sam: jake also
[5:30:15 PM] Sam: has a gorgeous sexy flowing man hair
[5:30:21 PM] Sam: uses conditioner
[5:30:26 PM] Sam: jake is also white
[5:30:28 PM] Sam: very racist
[5:30:33 PM] Sam: WHILE JEFFERSOn
[5:30:35 PM] Sam: IS UNCLEAN
[5:30:37 PM] Sam: FITHLY
[5:30:39 PM] Sam: NON WHITE
[5:30:47 PM] Sam: mom does not approve
[5:30:50 PM] Sam: yes
[5:30:57 PM] Sam: Jake
[5:31:01 PM] Sam: can hold
[5:31:03 PM] Sam: a conversation
[5:31:04 PM] Sam: without
[5:31:09 PM] Sam: looking like a
[5:31:10 PM] Sam: fool
[5:31:21 PM] Sam: MAKES ME FEEl
[5:31:22 PM] Sam: AWKWARD
[5:31:25 PM] Sam: also
[5:31:26 PM] Sam: classical guitar
[5:31:42 PM] Sam: jake is taller than jefferson
[5:31:48 PM] Sam: and you know what they say
[5:31:51 PM] Sam: about being bigger
[5:31:56 PM] Sam: uh huh
[5:32:01 PM] Sam: whitney likes
[5:32:02 PM] Sam: small dicks
[5:32:11 PM] Sam: jake is a cooler name
[5:32:13 PM | Removed 5:32:36 PM] Sam: This message has been removed.
[5:32:41 PM] Sam: anyways
[5:32:41 PM] Sam: umm
[5:32:51 PM] Sam: Jake doesn't work as close
[5:32:53 PM] Sam: to your place
[5:32:58 PM] Sam: as jefferson did
[5:33:04 PM] Sam: oh no
[5:33:10 PM] Sam: longer running distance
[5:33:28 PM] Sam: jake remembered your name
[5:33:37 PM] Sam: jefferson called you britney
[5:33:39 PM] Sam: jake is cutere
[5:33:41 PM] Sam: ere
[5:33:41 PM] Sam: r
[5:33:41 PM] Sam: e
[5:34:02 PM] Sam: jefferson was a creeper
[5:34:10 PM] Sam: also the girl after whitney
[5:34:12 PM] Sam: is huge
[5:34:15 PM] Sam: jake is smooth
[5:34:17 PM] Sam: like
[5:34:18 PM] Sam: sexy
[5:34:19 PM] Sam: and silk
[5:34:40 PM] Sam: jake isn't as attractive
[5:34:41 PM] Sam: as other men
[5:34:45 PM] Sam: (realistic?)
[5:34:55 PM] Sam: we are done

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just..something x]

ofarevolution441: i ACTUALLY cried.
ofarevolution441: NOT exaggerating.
thenameswit: i cant believe you guys havent kissed!
thenameswit: dafuck man!
ofarevolution441: OR FUCKING HELD HANDS. THE FUCK.
thenameswit: ._. jesus
ofarevolution441: yeah. literally, if i even just met you in real life, we would probably be farther along in our relationship than sam and i are
ofarevolution441: as of this moment
ofarevolution441: UGH
ofarevolution441: (no, i'm not saying i want to go out with you. jesus.)
thenameswit: LMAO
thenameswit: HAHAHAHA XD

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ok, so this doesn't feel right.

Hai, i'm back and guess what
went to see night at the museum dos;
AMAZING, because reminded me of maryland.
i also got mentioned today xD 
i was like LHEADJFH AHHH
pretty damn awesome.
idk how this week is gonna be like.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Uh So

I don't knoe if I wanna continue doing this blog thing. 
I've been slacking off and writing less.
I think I'll just do what the normal people do and blog when something amazin' happens.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Friday, May 29, 2009


this is a girl.